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A Secure Decentralized Disaster Management Information Network (SDDMIN)

Using Rapidly Deployable Wireless Networking & Mobile Computing Technologies

It is clear from the recent disaster experiences, like the Hurricane Katrina of 2005, South-Asian Tsunami of 2004, 9/11 of USA and the incessant Mumbai rain, shows  a strong need for a rapidly deployable communications network that would serve a much needed connectivity and communications among rescue workers, survivors and authority in command to restore the situation through proper resource management.

What are disasters and how to manage them?

Disasters are defined as an event, concentrated in time and space, which threatens a society. (Turner, 1976) Or, an extreme event as any manifestation of the earth's system (lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere or atmosphere) which differs substantially from the mean. Three major planks of Disasters are : (1) rapid (2) extreme event (3) profound societal impact. Disaster Management may be defined as "...a set of actions and processes designed to lessen disastrous effects before, during and after a disaster".

[Alexander, David. Principles of Emergency Planning and Management. Oxford University Press. New York. 2002.] 


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