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A Secure Decentralized Disaster Management Information Network (SDDMIN) Using Rapidly Deployable Wireless Networking & Mobile Computing Technologies

Funded By 

Department of Information Technology,
Ministry of Communications and Information Technology,
Government of India


The aim of the project is to develop a Rapidly Deployable Wireless Communication Network using High-Capacity Wireless Ad Hoc & Infrastructure technology with devices that uses mobile computing technology can act as a data collection terminal to provide an efficient emergency communication management at any disaster situation and at any place on earth, where a complete breakdown of the existing communication network takes place after disaster or the affected place does not have any existing communication backbone.

For the deployment of the disaster management information network there is a strong need for an interdisciplinary approach which includes scientific enquiry for the micro level multi-hazard risk zone mapping of the area of deployment which is an essential part of Comprehensive Disaster Management. 

Area Chosen for Comprehensive Research Work
Gosaba Block, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India 

Project Objectives

  • To design and develop a Secure Decentralized Disaster Management Information
    Network (SDDMIN) architecture consisting of Fixed and Mobile wireless equipment.

  • To mock-deploy a prototype of SDDMIN to support on-line coordination and communication during- and post- disaster and to validate the prototype with the help of NGOs and Govt. authorities with some selected applications.

  • Developing a Multiple Disaster Risk Zonation methodology 

  • Addressing the on-line, decentralized, computer-mediated disaster communication system using wireless and mobile technologies.

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